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Notes on Christopher Caudwell’s *Studies In A Dying Culture*

These analytical essays illuminate aspects of contemporary capitalist culture: including literature, liberty, and psychology. Underpinning these essays is the insight that a commodified approach to art and life erodes fundamental human relations, and impoverishes our souls. Caudwell argues — not for regressing into an imagined “glorious past” — but for us to fight together for a future of universal human dignity.

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Newspeak And Nationalism: Are We Living In 1984’s Dystopia?

1984 predicts the charismatic authoritarians, bigoted nationalists, and media-suppressing demagogues who lead the world today.

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The Hole

In this magic realist horror story published at Novel Noctule, a wealthy young woman in metropolitan India faces her alienation in literal form.

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A Passage to India Argues Powerfully Against Orientalism and Imperialism

In this book review published at Qrius, I revisit E. M. Forster’s best-known novel. A Passage to India demolishes the racism that sustains imperialism; the novel exemplifies the power of literature to catalyse social progress

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The Republic: Examining Plato’s Best-Known Dialogue: Part 2/2

Part Two of Two:
* Summary of Main Ideas
* The Structure of the Dialogue: What’s the Unifying Theme of this Sprawling Behemoth?
* Interrogating The Republic: A Cognitive Scientist critiques the Dialogue’s main ideas

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Mark Tully’s No Full Stops in India exposes the decades-long roots of contemporary India’s social chasms, systemic injustices, and communal tensions

In this article published at Qrius, I explore the continuing relevance of BBC journalist Mark Tully’s book of essays on India.