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My flash story “Fish” published in Kelp won the magazine’s Shelter in Place contest under the Fiction category. Check out the story, along with the Poetry and Essay contest winners — along with other prose, poetry, and visual art — in Kelp’s Summer 2020 issue. Enter your email ID for weekly updates about new articles […]

Gifted Education

Empower Gifted Girls

Do gifted girls have different needs from gifted boys? In this article published at Deccan Herald, I explore the intersection of sex, intelligence, and educational needs.



In this microstory published in Entropy Magazine, I explore the difference between love and obsession.

Book review Politics

A Passage to India Argues Powerfully Against Orientalism and Imperialism

In this book review published at Qrius, I revisit E. M. Forster’s best-known novel. A Passage to India demolishes the racism that sustains imperialism; the novel exemplifies the power of literature to catalyse social progress

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Black Mirror’s Scathing Social Commentary Is A Wake-Up Call for Contemporary Democracies

In this critique published at Countercurrents, I explore a genre-changing television series. Black Mirror does best when it shows how, in a world that’s almost this world, mass media and social media cause problematic behaviour at the mass level.

Short story

The Photograph

In this short story published in Gasher Journal, a woman helps her roommate to move on from a toxic relationship.

Book review Mental Health Science

Confessions of an English Opium-Eater

A review and a scientific analysis of a tiny and powerful book that inaugurated the genre of addiction memoir.

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Saving the World: Individual Action and Systemic Change.

To save the world, individual action is not enough. We need to unite to advocate for systemic change. I recount my own history with eco-consciousness — and my mother’s — and narrate how I moved towards a different path of action.



In this microstory published at Star 82 Review, a woman adapts to a new life.

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The Republic: Examining Plato’s Best-Known Dialogue: Part 2/2

Part Two of Two:
* Summary of Main Ideas
* The Structure of the Dialogue: What’s the Unifying Theme of this Sprawling Behemoth?
* Interrogating The Republic: A Cognitive Scientist critiques the Dialogue’s main ideas