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What I Read, Wrote, & Published: March 2022 (Treasure Island; Blink; Anthony & Cleopatra; The Lesson; some short fiction)

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You’re Cancelled. Please Exit, Stage Left. Next!

Cancel Culture displaces individual responsibility, creates a hollow sense of satisfaction, and fails to resolve systemic injustice.

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Sticks, and Stones, and Words

Political Correctness solves nothing, and sidesteps the hard work of institutional reform. Language reflects material circumstances – and it is material, economic injustice that must remain our focus. Banning words is high-profile, low-impact virtue-signalling that polarises groups and forbids honest dialogue.

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Take Your Time. Let the Wine Mature.

Image credit The best writing advice I’ve received, scattered over twelve years, was from three people, none of them a writer. # I was 20, and struggling to make my writing work. I thought I just had to produce more. More words. More stories. A friend and I were moon-gazing. She remarked that meditating helped […]

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Guest Post: Memento Mori

Image: Paul Cezanne’s *Pyramid of Skulls* by J. L. Moultrie Today I’m pleased to introduce my dear friend and colleague, poet and writer J. L. Moultrie. I’ve known J. L. just a few months, and we’ve never met in person. But through his writing, and through a long and rich series of emails, I’ve come […]

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Saving the World: Individual Action and Systemic Change

Captain Planet exhorted 90s children to save the world — while also showing us how large industry and government inaction stack the cards against meaningful change. Thirty years on, was Captain Planet right?

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Guest Post on Already Pretty: Style, Sexual Identity, Binaries, and Perfectionism

In this essay published at Already Pretty, I explore the intersection of personal style, sexuality, and how I broke free of binaries.