Throwback Thursday: Three Stories

Three short stories from 2006.

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Dungeon Skylight. Image credit.

These were originally published across two issues of Super Quirk, the lit mag of National Law School, Bangalore, where I attended fests during my undergraduate degree.

I’ve been wriitng all my life. I took the long route, throwing myself into ambitious projects without establishing my basics. So I’m still in the process of becoming a decent writer. Occasionally on this site I’ll share an older published piece. They’re pretty shitty. I’m posting them here in the hope that, if you want to write, you’ll realise that it takes time to become good at something, and won’t give up.

From Edition 6: “A Patch of Sky”

From Edition 7: “A Question of Class” and “A Mercurial Temper”

By Amita Basu

I'm a writer based in Bangalore, India.

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