Website Updates

Website Updates: New Guest Column

Jun 13, 2020 This week I’m introducing a new Saturday column. *Artists and Scientists* will feature one fellow artist or scientist every week, sharing: views on life and work; perspectives on current events; an overview of a misunderstood topic articulated in accessible terms; a personal essay; fiction/ poetry/ art/ photography, original or previously published; or […]

Film review

Joker (2019) raises many real issues, only to devolve into a justification of violence

This review published at Countercurrents critiques a film that squanders great potential.

What I read

Reading: Short stories from Gasher, Flash Fiction Magazine, Fearsome Critters…

Ten splendid short stories I read this week.


The One Thing

In this microstory published at Potato Soup Journal, a PhD student is intent on finishing the one thing that consumes his life.

Book review Philosophy

The Republic: Examining Plato’s Best-Known Dialogue: Part 1/2

Part One of Two:
* Reading Plato as Light Literature
* Note on Gender Pronouns
* Socrates the Character
* Are the *Dialogues* Really Dialogues?
* Socrates’s Dialectic Style: Characteristics, and Pros&Cons
* Reasoning from the Ideal

Gifted Education

Gifted Education Without Prejudice

In this article published at Deccan Herald, I address a common and false belief that obstructs gifted education.

Book review

‘An Enemy Of The People’: An Eye-Opening Read During The Pandemic

In this feature published at The Curious Reader, I revisit a powerful play that remains shockingly relevant today.

Book review

Orwell’s Essays Presage His Masterpiece *1984*

In this feature published at Countercurrents, I examine how Orwell’s nonfiction engages with the issues that make his fiction so powerful.

Advice on Writing

Write better at every stage, from ideating to using feedback – based on whether you’re a Pantser or a Plotter

In this two-part article on the craft of writing, I discuss what strategies pantsers and plotters might try to improve each stage of the writing process.

Flash story


In this flash story that won the Fiction category of Kelp Journal’s Shelter in Place contest for lockdown writing, a man sets out to buy fish, and learns about the intersection of social class, the pandemic, and empathy.