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Confessions of an English Opium-Eater

A review and a scientific analysis of a tiny and powerful book that inaugurated the genre of addiction memoir.

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Saving the World: Individual Action and Systemic Change.

To save the world, individual action is not enough. We need to unite to advocate for systemic change. I recount my own history with eco-consciousness — and my mother’s — and narrate how I moved towards a different path of action.



In this microstory published at Star 82 Review, a woman adapts to a new life.

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The Republic: Examining Plato’s Best-Known Dialogue: Part 2/2

Part Two of Two:
* Summary of Main Ideas
* The Structure of the Dialogue: What’s the Unifying Theme of this Sprawling Behemoth?
* Interrogating The Republic: A Cognitive Scientist critiques the Dialogue’s main ideas

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Joker (2019) raises many real issues, only to devolve into a justification of violence

This review published at Countercurrents critiques a film that squanders great potential.

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Reading: Short stories from Gasher, Flash Fiction Magazine, Fearsome Critters…

Ten splendid short stories I read this week.


The One Thing

In this microstory published at Potato Soup Journal, a PhD student is intent on finishing the one thing that consumes his life.

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The Republic: Examining Plato’s Best-Known Dialogue: Part 1/2

Part One of Two:
* Reading Plato as Light Literature
* Note on Gender Pronouns
* Socrates the Character
* Are the *Dialogues* Really Dialogues?
* Socrates’s Dialectic Style: Characteristics, and Pros&Cons
* Reasoning from the Ideal

Gifted Education

Gifted Education Without Prejudice

In this article published at Deccan Herald, I address a common and false belief that obstructs gifted education.

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‘An Enemy Of The People’: An Eye-Opening Read During The Pandemic

In this feature published at The Curious Reader, I revisit a powerful play that remains shockingly relevant today.