Writing Irrationality

I seek to capture in words the nature of experience. I’m particularly fascinated by irrationality. What habits and structures cause and maintain irrational behaviour? How does each of us decide what’s rational? What’s goal and what’s distraction? What is the nature of our struggle against irrationality? I dream of a world where we prod each other to confront these scary questions. To define for ourselves what we want — and then to pursue that. For me, that journey starts in exploring irrationality through fiction and through science.

My Published Work


Unless otherwise noted, stories are literary realism.

Flash story “Re:Birth” (magic realism) published in Ligeia Issue #5:

Flash story “Promises” published in Fabula Argentea Issue #31:

Short story “Excuses” (suspense) published in Scarlet Leaf Review:

Short story “Sanctuary” published in Fearsome Critters Millennial Arts Journal. Vol. III.
Buy the book on Amazon:
Or read the flipbook for free (my story is on p92):

Short story “Holiday” (romance) published in The Bookends Review:

Flash story “Fish” published in Kelp Journal:

Flash story “Noon” published in Flash Fiction Magazine:

Flash story “Weary” published in St. Katherine Review:

Miccrostory “The One Thing” published in Mar 2020 at Potato Soup Journal. Read here:

Short story “The Hole” (horror/magic realism) published in Feb 2020 issue of Novel Noctule. Read for free here:
The Featured Writer spotlight:

Microstory “Obsession” in Feb 2020 in Entropy Magazine: http://entropy2.com/blogs/100words/2020/02/15/obsession/

Short story “How To Catch A Bee” (low fantasy) in Dove Tales Writing for Peace, 2020 edn.: https://writingforpeace.org/winter-2020-dovetales-fiction/
Buy the Dove Tales Writing for Peace Anthology (annual, 2013 on):

Microstory “Gulmohar” in Winter 2019 edition of Star 82 Review, Issue 7.4: http://star82review.com/7.4/basu-gulmohar.html
Buy Issue 7.4:

Short story “The Photograph” in Gasher Journal 2019:

Short story “Vocation” published in The Right-Eyed Deer 2011:

Three short stories in two 2006 issues of Quirk Magazine: https://sites.google.com/site/superquirk/


So far I’ve published mostly book reviews.

Open Page article: “Saving the World: Individual Action and Systemic Change. Was Captain Planet right?”

Feature article “An Enemy of the People – An Eye-Opening Read During the Pandemic”

COVID-19: Past, Present, Future

Retrospective on Mark Tully’s *No Full Stops in India*

Newspeak and Nationalism: Are we Living in 1984‘s Dystopia?

George Orwell’s essays Presage his Masterpiece 1984:  https://countercurrents.org/2020/01/orwells-essays-presage-his-masterpiece-1984

Black Mirror’s scathing social commentary is a wake-up call for contemporary democracies: https://countercurrents.org/2019/12/black-mirrors-scathing-social-commentary-is-a-wake-up-call-for-contemporary-democracies

Book Review of Richard Dawkins’s The Ancestor’s Tale:

Film review of Joker (2019):

A shorter film review (Note: on the MovieQuotesAndMore site, anyone can post anything; but I’d written a second, shorter, better review of Joker, so I wanted it published somewhere):

Retrospective and analysis of Jared Diamond’s The Third Chimpanzee:

Why we need to reconceptualise religious festivals for environmental conservation:

Guest Post on Already Pretty on: Style, Sexual Identity, Binaries, and Perfectionism


I’ve published academic and popular writing on gifted education.

“The Nature and Nurture Debate” in Parent Circle, September 2016: https://www.magzter.com/article/Parenting/Parent-Circle/Giftedness-The-Nature-And-The-Nurture-Debate

A series of ten articles on parenting gifted children:

Article in Deccan Herald: Nurturing Talent in Science, Technology, and Maths (STEM):

Article in Deccan Herald: Gifted children need teachers who set intellectual challenges:
https://www.deccanherald.com/content/313552/gifted-children-need-teachers-set.html https://www.deccanherald.com/content/313552/gifted-children-need-teachers-set.html

Article in Deccan Herald: Can you tell a gifted child apart?

Article in Deccan Herald: Gifting education without prejudices:

Article in Deccan Herald: Dealing With A Gifted Child:

Article in Deccan Herald: The Gifted Under-Achiever:

Article in Deccan Herald: Empowering Gifted Girls:

Article in Deccan Herald: Enriching Curriculum for Gifted Children:

Article in Deccan Herald: Help Gifted Children Excel

About Me

Does your houseplant need a manicure? Mobile groomer at your service.

I’m working on three projects: The Flat, a mystery novel about art, guilt, and ambition; a collection of literary short stories about the lives of women and girls in contemporary India — tentatively titled Grandmas, and Girlies, and Women, Oh, My! and a bildungsromanz that asks: “What are books for?”

I’m a PhD candidate in cognitive science at CBCS.

I live in Bangalore, India. The city that was once known for its parks, is now known for its traffic, and is still famous for its easygoing weather and people.

Apart from writing, I like reading, and listening to classical music. I read mostly older fiction, and contemporary popular science. I’m beginning to explore contemporary fiction.

I love running and swimming, and hope to have time to do them properly again some day. Right now, writing fiction and my thesis take up most of my time.

Sometimes I shave my head, because: summers are hot, and getting hotter. A shaved head makes me feel 2-3°C cooler. My collection of scarves furnishes another excuse to add colour to my outfits, and makes my baldness slightly more socially acceptable. I also enjoy fabricating a new story every time a stranger or friend asks me why I shave my head.

On my blog, I post:

(1) Every Sunday: A book review or a roundup of shorter pieces I read that week;
(2) Every Tuesday: A story or article previously published in a magazine or newspaper;
(3) Every Wednesday: An interview with an early-career artist or scientist;
(4) Every Thursday: An article or essay on: cognitive science, conservation psychology, or behavioural economics (my areas of research); the craft of writing, editing, submitting, and getting published; or a book or film review; and
(5) Every Saturday: A guest post by an artist or scientist writing about art, science, life, or work.

The Wednesday Interview and Saturday Guest Post series are via my Artists & Scientists blog.

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