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Guest Post: “MEMENTO MORI: Poem and Essay”

For this week’s guest post on Artists and Scientists, I’m pleased to introduce my friend and colleague, poet and writer J. L. Moultrie.

I’ve known J. L. just a few months, and we’ve never met in person. But through his writing, and through a long and rich series of emails, I’ve come to know a sensitive, articulate, and gifted soul. J.L. has alchemised a conflicted personal history into art: the ultimate act of spirituality. J.L.’s prose is precise, while managing to leave room for the great unknowns of life — unknowns that he faces with courage and grace. J.L.’s poetry achieves startling sensory effects with austere language. In conversation, J.L. is both grounded and empathetic; both pragmatic and engaged by philosophical debate. 

Today, J.L. shares with us a previously published poem, *Memento Mori,* as well as an essay putting the poem in context.

Read J.L.’s post here.

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By Amita Basu

I'm a writer based in Bangalore, India.

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