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Guest Post: “In Retrospection”

For today’s guest post on Artists & Scientists, I’m pleased to introduce my friend and colleague Aswini Madhira. Aswini is articulate, even-tempered, and spirited. She’s as enthusiastic about an impromptu outing to the newest restaurant in town, as about a discussion re: the best way to approach teaching. I’ve known Aswini as an endlessly patient participant in long and boring experiments, as the rare student who’s both sharp-witted and soft-spoken, and as a friend who senses without words when you’re feeling low. 

Aswini’s sartorial style is as colourful as her visual art. She has a jawline to give Olivia Wilde a run for her money. But the asset I most envy Aswini is her spirits. Through the rigours, excitements, and inevitable disappointments of life away from home, I’ve never seen Aswini without a smile

Today, Aswini writes about her two years pursuing an MSc in Allahabad. It was her first time away from south India, away from home, exploring an exciting new field. 

Read Aswini’s post at Artists & Scientists.

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By Amita Basu

I'm a writer based in Bangalore, India.

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