In this microstory published in Entropy Magazine, I explore the difference between love and obsession.

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This microstory was originally published in Entropy magazine:



Are you addicted to chocolate? Creamy on the tongue. Eat it all you want, whenever you want it. Secretly in your room, for you and nobody else. Life’s hard. Chocolate melting in your mouth makes you whole. Briefly.

They’ll call you an addict. They’ll tell you to get help.

Are you addicted to a person? Soft in your ear. Ring her, mail her, message her all you want, whenever you want her. Secretly in her arms, you and nobody else. Life’s hard. Melting into her softness makes you whole.

They’ll call you in love. They’ll tell you you’re lucky.



Do you struggle with obsession? Have you ever mistaken obsession for love? Do you think obsessions with other people are socially more sanctioned than other obsessions? We tolerate or celebrate celebrity fans, paparazzi, and of course infatuations and the often unhealthy striving after love.

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By Amita Basu

I'm a writer based in Bangalore, India.

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