Website Updates

Website Updates: New Guest Column

Jun 13, 2020

This week I’m introducing a new Saturday column. *Artists and Scientists* will feature one fellow artist or scientist every week, sharing: views on life and work; perspectives on current events; an overview of a misunderstood topic articulated in accessible terms; a personal essay; fiction/ poetry/ art/ photography, original or previously published; or an interview.

*Artists and Scientists* aims to create a community where we can interact with the general public in ways that expand our awareness, skills, and empathy.

With this addition, my blog will now post four times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you’d rather not get four email updates a week from my site, please revise your Subscription settings to opt for weekly updates. I don’t want my site spamming you.

Thank you for reading. Please help me to build a community where we can enrich each other across disciplines.

By Amita Basu

I'm a writer based in Bangalore, India.

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